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EA SPORTS FIFA 登陸 Nintendo Switch

Worldwide Studios 執行副總裁Patrick Söderlund今日於任天堂新主機(Nintendo Switch)日本發佈會宣佈EA SPORTS FIFA將於今年稍后登陸Nintendo Switch。Söderlund為此次代表EA出席Nintendo Switch活動並宣佈對新主機的支持倍感榮幸。Söderlund在發佈會致詞表示,「新硬件的推出對我們的行業受益不淺。任天堂一貫以來堅持進步創新並大膽開創自己的途徑,Nintendo Switch的出現又是另一經典例子。我們很高興再次和任天堂合作,並在全新的平台上為玩家帶來新的體驗。2017將會是另一個令人期待的一年。

Today at a Nintendo event in Tokyo, Patrick Söderlund announced that EA SPORTS FIFA will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. To take you behind-the-scenes into the event we have included a full transcript from today’s announcement:
It’s a huge honor and privilege to be here today representing the passionate and talented team at Electronic Arts. For me, to be on this stage is like a dream come true. For as long as I’ve played games, I’ve been a massive fan of the Nintendo platforms and amazing culture of creativity…so much so that when my first son was born, my wife and I gave him the middle name Luigi!

So today, we’re extremely excited to announce that the world’s most popular sports game will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

EA SPORTS FIFA on Nintendo Switch will be the most immersive, social, and authentic sports game ever created for Nintendo players.

It will deliver the FIFA experience custom built for Nintendo Switch…so you can play anywhere, play with anyone, and play how you want to play.

If you’re at the park, at your friend’s house, or on vacation, you can always stay connected to the biggest matches. You’ll be able to get on the pitch with your favorite players and teams from the world’s best leagues in iconic stadiums from around the world…all with the unmatched authenticity and depth that FIFA is known for.

We’ll have much more to say and show in the coming months as we bring the world’s game to Nintendo Switch in 2017.


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