日本wifi 低至$13!(機場取還)
台灣wifi 低至$13!(機場取還)
韓國wifi 低至$13!(機場取還)



TIM CARD 3G 4G 5歐元 italian 歐洲上網 SIM卡 預付卡 手機 通話 2GB 4GB for Visitors




一個月上網組合就有2GB 加通話分鐘

In detail:

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With TIM for Visitors you have 100 minutes to your home country and all Italian numbers + 4GB of internet surf for 30 days.

You can surf the internet at 4G speed!

Active TIM for Visitors at TIM Stores!

The traffic data included in this offer is also valid for VOIP traffic and allows you to surf the internet at speeds up to 100 Mega with compatible 4G device. Activation is free. This is a 30 day offer available to customers who activate a new prepaid line, and cannot be renewed or repurchased. Internet is provided at no additional cost. On exceeding the GB of internet included, you can continue to surf the net at the reduced speed of at most 32 Kbps until the offer expires. TIM for Visitors may be used exclusively in Italy.
Offer subject to regulations governing correct and lawful use.

TIM for Visitors Countries

Your trip goes on in others countries?
TIM is still with you!
Active TIM in Viaggio Pass if you want many minutes, text messages and internet for Europe and USA!
If you want to visit other countries active TIM in Viaggio Pass Mondo!

TIM remind

Details and limitations of the offer
All prices include VAT.
The offer is valid for Prepaid Customers who activate a new line.
The offer is not incompatible with other options.
TIM for Visitors is valid for Italian outgoing traffic towards the foreign countries indicated in the summary table.
The minutes of traffic included in the offer are valid for domestic traffic to all national and international landlines and mobile numbers. Calls to numbers starting with a 1, 4 or 8 are not covered by the promotion. The offer does not contribute to the attainment of discount thresholds or bonuses connected with other offers.
For countries not listed above and in the event of exceeding the minute threshold included in the offer, standard international TIM rates, inclusive of VAT, will apply (Europe, USA and Canada: 50.84€/cents a minute; North Africa: 2.04€ a minute: rest of the world: 2.54€ a minute with 16.26 cents connection charge, with prices charged in 30 second advance increments). Additional information on costs connected with traffic abroad is available in the basic international rates section.
This is a 30-day offer that cannot be renewed or repurchased.
The offer is valid for the use of VoIP applications and to use the phone as a modem.
All offers 4G are enabled free of charge until 2016 December 31st to navigation on 4G Plus up to 300 Mbps, check the coverage areas and compatible devices. The connection speed maximum theoretical of offers (up to 100 Mbps for 4G and up to 300 Mbps for 4G Plus) depends by technical factors variables of Operator, the level of congestion of the Internet network, the server where the customer is connected and by the characteristics of the smartphone used. In the absence of 4G network coverage, the connection speed theoretical is up to 42.2 Mbps. Check here the proper use rules of Mobile Broadband browsing under 4G coverage
On exceeding the monthly threshold of 4GB, the browsing speed is reduced to 32Kbps until the offer expires, at no additional cost.
The internet traffic included in the offer is valid for surfing the net and emailing from a mobile phone without any time limit, in Italy, using apn and ibox.tim. it (for BlackBerry,
Any content not consumed at the end of the 30 day period will be lost.
The option will be activated at the latest within 48 hours of the request being made
You can verify the availability of services included in the offer by calling the toll free number 40916 or by accessing the 119 Customer Section of the website.
You can take advantage of the offer if you have credit on your TIM Card.
The Customer undertakes to use the offer in good faith and correctly and shall therefore refrain from obtaining advantages other than those connected to the usual use of the offer for personal intercommunication.
The activation of TIM for Visitors, involves the simultaneous activation and without additional activation costs of TIM in Viaggio Full, the TIM offer for talk, send messages and surf by phone every time you go abroad and that doesn’t involves costs in Italy:

-In Europe and USA:
Calls to Italy, Europe and the USA 16 cents per minute with a connection charge of 16 cents; to the Rest of the World 1€ per minute, with a connection charge of 1€; calls received 16 cents per minute with connection charge 16 cents; SMS 16 cents; 3€ per day for 25MB of Internet, only if you surf internet; exceeded MB per day included in the offer, applies 1 € per MB.

-In the Rest of the World:
Depending on the country, calls made and received 1€ per minute, with a connection charge of 1€ or 2.50€ per minute, with a connection charge of 2.50€; SMS 50 cents; 5€ per day for 2MB or 5MB of Internet per day, depending on the country, only if you surf internet; exceeded MB per day included in the offer, applies 2€ per MB or 3€ per MB, depending on the country.

Calls: charging units in advance of 60 seconds. Internet: charging units in advance of 100KB; The MB included in the offer are counted to the first data connection abroad of the the day by phone and can be used by 11:59 pm, Italian time. At any time you can deactivate the offer free of charge, on website or by calling TIM Customer Service 119. For details on TIM in Viaggio Full, the list of countries included in the offer and for pricing zone check click here.


















(例如JR PASS及預訂酒店機票套票)






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