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Cooler Master GX 550W BRONZE 5年保養 80 PLUS+ High Eifficiency 85% 用料好 火數足 轉換率高 sata




12V單路式設計 45A PSU。 

保固:5年保固 免費送修,直接換全新

型號 RS-550-ACAA 
類型 Intel Form Factor ATX 12V V2.31 
尺寸 (寬 / 高 / 深) 150 x 140 x 86mm 
5.9 x 5.5 x 3.4 inch 
輸入電壓 90-264Vac (Auto Range) 
輸入電流 7A@115Vac, 5A@230Vac 
輸入頻率 47-63Hz 
功率因素校正(PFC) Active PFC (>0.9) 
電源良好信號 100~500ms 
延遲時間 >17ms 
功率 85% typical 
平均故障間隔(MTBF) >100,000 hours 
保護 OVP / UVP / OPP / OTP / SCP 
輸出容量 550W 
最大輸出容量 650W 
作業溫度 0~40°C (Nominal Input Voltage) 
Regulatory TUV / CE / UL / FCC / BSMI / GOST / C-tick / CCC / KCC 
風扇 120mm 
Certifications 80 PLUS 
接頭 20+4 Pin MB x 1 
4+4 Pin CPU 12V x 1 
6+2 Pin PCI x 2 
SATA x 6 
4 Pin Peripherial x 3 
4 Pin Floppy x 1

20+4 Pin MB x 1 4+4 Pin CPU 12V x 1 6+2 Pin PCI x 2 SATA x 6 4 Pin Peripherial x 3 4 Pin Floppy x 1



TypeIntel Form Factor ATX 12V V2.31
Dimension (W x L x H)150 x 140 x 86 mm
5.9 x 5.5 x 3.4 inch
Input Voltage90-264Vac (Auto Range)
Input Current7A@115Vac, 5@230Vac
Input Frequency Range47-63Hz
PFCActive PFC (>0.9)
Power Good Signal100~500ms
Hold Up Time>17ms
Efficiency85% typical
MTBF>100,000 hours
ProtectionOVP / UVP / OPP / OTP / SCP
Output Capacity550W
Max. Output Capacity660W
Operation Temperature0~40°C (Nominal Input Voltage)
RegulatoryTUV / CE / UL / FCC / BSMI / GOST / C-tick / CCC / KCC
Certifications80 PLUS
Connector20+4 Pin MB x 1
4+4 Pin CPU 12V x 1
6+2 Pin PCI x 2
SATA x 6
4 Pin Peripherial x 3
4 Pin Floppy x 1

  • Single 12 V Power Rail
    Tackling challenges from the most power-intensive peripherals head on, this solitary 12 V power rail provides ample power and strong resistance to any overloading.
  • Double-Layer EMI Filter
    Dual protection from electromagnetic interference, thus restraining noise and interference for greater protection for you and your connections.
  • Intel Compliant
    ATX12V v 2.3 and EPS version 2.91 compliant.
  • Intelligent Fan Speed Control
    Speed control makes the 120 mm fan adept for any user’s circumstances and need.
  • Active PFC+ PWM Combo Controller
    Integrating this active controller will increase the efficiency of any computer, making PFC higher than 99%.
  • Multiple Protection Design
    Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Under Voltage Protection (UVP), Over Power Protection (OPP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP) and Short Circuit Protection (SCP).
  • Massive Bulk Capacitor
    Producing hold times >17ms upon full loading.
  • Efficient Transformer
    - Adeptly holding power for minimal loss in the 5V standby voltage so the system is promptly up and ready from power on or sleep modes
    - Highly efficient design on par with 80Plus requirements (85% typical)
  • And More
    - Multiple updated connectors for all types of interfaces (PCIe, SATA etc.)
    - High reliability with an MBTF of at least 100,000 hours of use.
    - NVIDIA SLI-Ready Certified guarantees enough ample power and up-to date connectors for SLI graphics cards.
    - Five Year Warranty.


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